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Seeker’s Cove is the ultimate destination for fandom and comic-themed products.
Seeker’s Cove is the result of years of contemplation, care, and the wishes of our children. After returning from overseas and retiring from the army, we wanted to open a family-oriented store in our local area of Wake Forest, NC. During the months of isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized we wanted to create a place for people to come together. We wanted somewhere inviting for people to shop once society re-opened. And nothing says community like fandom!
“To be a fan is to be curious, and to be curious is to have openness… Part of being a fan is to allow 360 degrees of experience—to immerse without judgment. It’s like a really fearless step forward into a new experience. There’s something that feels very timeless about fandom.”
—Carrie Brownstein
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More Than a Product

Our core values revolve around unity, inclusion, and community. We know the importance of finding joy in a harsh world, especially for young people. Seeker’s Cove is here to make that search easier. Whatever your happy place is, we want to create a space where you can indulge in it without judgment.
Whether you want to immerse yourself in your favorite superhero world, feel like you’re flying your own X-Wing Fighter, or relax with comforting Disney characters—we’ve got you.
  • Passion
  • Community
  • Comfort
  • Fun


  • 1839 S. Main Street Suite 116
  • Wake Forest, NC 27587
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(919) 263-8108


Wed-Sun: 12 pm to 5 pm

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